The Benefits Of Living Healthy

Although most people today pay little attention to living a healthy life and eating a healthy diet, the world has come to a point where it can no longer afford not to change significantly. The world around us is sick and dying. This may not be apparent to the young person who is stuck in the full time jobs with no time to look around them but if you were to take a minute to observe what is happening around you, you will notice that all around us people are getting sick and the ages at which these young people are getting sick is reducing to the point where children are getting serious illness that was once only know to effect the elderly and the weak.

Prevention is better than cure
As the age old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is far better for you to change your lifestyle now with immediate effect than for you to try to cure yourself in the future at a time when you have already gotten some serious disease like colon cancer in Singapore which is one of the leading illnesses today amount young and old people alike. The sad fact is that many young people do not have any knowledge about healthy living and they do not have knowledge about how to eat and what to eat in order to maintain their bodies and their health.

Having to face the stress and trauma of being diagnosed with cancer and the severe physical pain of a colonoscopy and chemotherapy can be daunting. It is far better for you to make an attempt to change your life now, even at the cost of a few hours less work per week in order to cook yourself a healthy meal.

Cancer and many of the other diseases around us today are one hundred percent preventable. All it takes is a clean whole food plant based diet to keep your body clean and away from disease. Most of the cancers and illness today is caused by people’s obsession with meat, dairy and animal products in general. Our human bodies were never meant to have these things in them and we certainly were never meant to have the countless hormones, antibiotics and chemicals that are pumped in to those animals in the meat industry put in to our bodies. Our bodies can no longer handle this excess of hormones and antibiotics and this is what is making the human species sick and diseased. One fact that many people do not know is that sixty percent of all antibiotics that are produced in the United Stated are pumped into animals on farms.