Organizing An Investiture Ceremony

An investiture ceremony is the first event of any club or organization. It is where the recently elected President/Chairman and their board will appointed by the governing body of that particular institute. Sometimes organizing an investiture ceremony can by difficult if you haven’t organized one before. In fact, it is the easiest event to organize for any organization.

Make sure you know what the traditional activities that has to occur in your event as an organization because all organizations have different ways of doing things. Do not stray away from the guidelines or traditions that have been set for the club long before.

Next, if you are the president make sure you have decided or know who and how many board members are there. Next you will need to be given them appointment letters saying that he or she is officially appointed as their respective post in the board. If you are giving them a badge make sure you order them at least a week before the event. Laser engraving or stainless steel casting doesn’t take time but you don’t want to take the risk.

You can get this done at a local metal polishing in Singapore. Decide who is going to be your audience. Is it going to be only the members and their family and friends? Will you invite your sponsors? Will you invite members from other similar clubs as yours? It will be up to you. Once you have decided you will have a rough idea on how many participants will be there at your event.

Pick a venue that will suit your agenda and as well being able to accommodate your number of participants and your budget. When picking a venue make sure it is a place where everybody can easily find out and have transport to that place.

If you are going to give refreshments look at the time of the day and decide what refreshments you will be giving. If it is close to lunch time you don’t want to be giving something very heavy as they will be going to have lunch in a short while.

Look at your agenda and see if you have everything needed to make the events on the agenda happen successfully. If there is anything everyone always forgets, is to inform the speakers that they will have to make an address and the time limit given to them. If you are having any entertainment items for the event make you give them plenty of time to rehearse.

Last but not least send the invites at least a week before the event. Send the invites to special guests at least before two weeks.
In all my experience in organizing events if there is anything I haven’t learnt it is always be as calm as possible only then will you be able to identify the problems and finds solutions instead of just panicking.