New Trends In Bedroom Design

Your bedroom is without any doubt the most important room out of all the other rooms of your home. It is your own little personal space and you would always dream of a beautiful bedroom all for yourself. You can have all the freedom you want and design it the way you like since it would be a representation of who you are. So here are a few new trends you need to consider when designing your bedroom.

1. Wallpapers
Wallpapers are so in style this season. If you think it is old-fashioned, well think twice. Wallpaper would add so much colour and style to your little paradise. If you are a more ‘girly-girl’ you can always select a colour scheme such as pink, lilac or purple with a flowery design. If not, you can even go for pale or metallic colours with different types of patterns on it.

2. Go green
A vase with fresh flowers would do the trick of adding so much life to your room. You would love to wake up to some pink fuchsia flowers, lighting up your mornings. You can even have a little flower pot that you could take care of. The feeling you’d get by seeing it grow would truly amaze you. Planting has been known to be a stress reliever hence it not only would make your room look pretty, it also will give you some health benefits.

3. Wardrobes
A built in wardrobe is a complete yes this season. Most people do not like to go through the hassle of selecting furniture and spending heaps of money on them. They’d rather go with easy-to-build options such as this. This is perfect for you if your room does not have ample space to hold in much furniture. The other advantage is that it is quite long lasting than wooden wardrobes.

4. Custom made items
A custom made wardrobe or even a headboard would be a unique addition to your bedroom done by specialist design team. With the use of bigger headboards nowadays, people tend to build it in ways they like. You can print a photograph or even a quote of your choice to give that feel of your own. It could actually be cheaper to build your own headboard than buying a readymade one.

5. Calming colours with gold
Have you ever imagined a room that looks so comfortable and so simple yet very elegant? Well, go for this colour scheme. Natural pale colours such as white, cream together with baby pink with a pinch of gold would be the definition of serenity for you.

Play around with colours, patterns and decorations. It is your room and you have all the right to decorate it the way you like. Make it a place you’d love to spend time in and also a place you’d feel relaxed and comfortable.