Late Night Food Recipes For The Workaholic

Coming home after working hard all day long and knowing there is not food at the house can be quite the predicament. If you are not the type to eat out a lot or are a bit more healthy when it comes to picking out the ingredients (no matter how many drive-thrus are calling your name), then here are some of the easy and quick recipes to try out on the nights you work for deadlines.
Garden vegetable omelet
You would find it surprising how many food items you can make with just eggs and vegetables that are also good for you too. Garden vegetable omelet comes in the top of easy and healthy list. Instead of having the egg omelet bare add in some cherry tomatoes, zucchini, celery and other healthy veggies (which are your favorites too) into the mix.
Caprese omelet
Best food to make when you only have eggs, tomatoes and cheese at home. You toss them all together and fry till the cheese melts. It tastes amazing and is also easy on your stomach. Add some frozen chicken parts if you need meat in the mix as well. You can add some spices, and other fave ingredients to make the omelet the best.
Bean kale burger
If you crave burgers but not the oily stuff at the closest fast food joint, then make your own. Mix up some kale, potato, pinto beans and some frozen pork cuts in Hong Kong and then squish it all until you can make the patty. You can substitute the regular potato with sweet potatoes to make the burger taste even better. If you want some cheese to occupy the burger with the slice of tomatoes and salad leaves then o for pepper jack cheese.
Bakes sweet potato fries
If you just want something small to eat to settle the stomach, then going for something like fries would be good. Instead of the regular starch filled potatoes go for the sweet potato fries. Bake these instead of frying them and add some pepper for the tasting if you want a spicy version of the fries. The vitamin A of the sweet potatoes will give you the much needed energy to wash and get to bed.
Egg and avocado sandwich
When you want something small to eat but not too small, a sandwich makes the right balance. Make the egg as your favorite bullseye or omelet and grind up some avocado into a paste (add garlic to make the paste taste even better). Avocado is a superfood and its nutrients will make sure that you get everything you need even if you do not have a full meal.
Easy tacos and burritos are great recipes to have at night when you do not want to make a big meal. Even rice and meat curry is easy to make if you have the spices to make the curry.