Choose An Environmentally Friendly Lighting Solution

Technology is making its step towards advancement and it has both good news and bad news for our environment. People should do their duty to save the environment for their future and for the coming generation. There are many organizations and institutions which are working to save the environment. Companies are recycling products to decrease the waste. Carbon dioxide emission should be controlled for the betterment. Newest technologies in lighting solutions are trying that and LED lighting solutions is one of the finest instances of this advancement.

These Singapore led lights emit less carbon than its predecessor and are more environmental friendly. And due to its immense beneficial features, this lighting solution has also become popular in Singapore. In residential, business and commercial purposes, these lights are efficiently used.

How LED lighting solutions is environmental friendly?

Energy efficient:The biggest advantage of these led tubes, and other lighting solutions, is that it is energy efficient than the other types of lights available in the market. It consumes less than 80% of energy than the traditional lights like fluorescent and incandescent lights. Most of the energy; i.e. almost 95% goes to led the light and the remaining 5% is wasted as heat. It is clear that it gives more light and produce less heat. As it consumes less power you can easily replace an 84 watt fluorescent light to a 36 watt LED light, but it will give same level of light. You can save much from your monthly electricity bill and as it produce fewer greenhouses it is surely better for the environment.

No toxic elements:People still use the old fluorescent lights in homes and in the offices but it contain toxic chemicals like mercury. Led lights are free from these types of toxic elements. When the fluorescent light’s gas ends it has no uses and it becomes landfill and pollute environment. It is better to replace the old generation lights with the latest technology thus it won’t be a noxious disposal for environment. These led lights last more and less costly than others.

Less light needed:LEDs are more powerful and emit light in the proper direction. It does not waste light in the other directions where light is not needed like ceiling. For this advantage you will need fewer lights to get the same level of light in your house. It has more brightness which will make your home full of lights. This means fewer lights will consume less energy and this is beneficial to the environment.

Life span:LED light need less replacement tan other lights and it lasts almost six times longer than fluorescents. This means fewer carbon emission and better energy savings.