4 Signs That Your Child Needs Supplementary Primary Education

No matter how free and playful that children are supposed to be, the bitter reality is that, they also start running the race that we all have been running ever since. But the trick for a better childhood is basically balancing both playfulness and the education. That way, both sides of the brain is fed and your child will be a more balanced person. Not all children are the same. Some perform well in some subjects and some don’t. But it’s not an excuse; not for an exam like PSLE, especially in terms of English.

Here are 4 reasons to give your children some proper supplementary education.

  • Reluctance to go to school

If your child doesn’t like going to the school, it could be due to two reasons,

  1. They’re being bullied
  2. They just don’t like learning

It is hardly another reason because the primary education revolves around such simple matters. Hence, if there is no such bullying problem, they might be starting to lose the interest in the subjects. Given that English comes out as a hard subject at first that could be the reason too.

  • Consistent insufficient performance

If a student learns well enough, there is no reason for them to perform any less; it’s quite logical. But whatever happens, one thing that any parent should not ever do is discouraging them because that is just not fair. Instead get them proper english tuition for them and you will see how they are improving in no time, performing better and scoring better.

  • Struggling to speak English

For the ones who find speaking English hard, there are a few things that you can do. You can start off by watching YouTube tutorials that helps you improve your spoken. Because ultimately, given that English as a subject contributes 15% to the final grade of the PSLE, it is essential that the student is well aware of the primary english composition in Singapore so that they know what matters and what don’t. Given that PSLE is a kind of an exam that requires practice and innovative thinking, it is essential that you are good with both writing and speaking.

  • Repeatedly made mistakes

It is normal to make mistakes as a child. But if a mistakes is being done over and over again, it could be due to two reasons. The first one is that, they don’t know that it is a mistake, and the other is that, they don’t know the correct answer so they keep writing the same thing over and over again. This is quite destructible if not amended in the long run, in term of both English and math. That is why you need supplementary education.

Taking care of your child’s education is more or less investing on them. The more the investing, the better they will grow. Along with proper supplementary education, their necessary brain cells will kick start allowing them to do better.